Hi everyone, I went to “THE LOOP” The other day. I got the matcha crunch churro. This fresh churro is covered in matcha glaze. Matcha is Japanese green tea. Matcha is a little bitter by its self, but this glaze is sweetened. The crunch is fruity pebbles. At first I found it to be a questionable match, but at the first bite I LOVED it!


When you walk in to “THE LOOP” the friendly staff welcomes you. Inside it’s very warm and comfy. It’s kind of far but totally worth it! On my second visit, a couple months ago, I got a limited time speculoop churro! For those that do not know, speculoos is a type of cookie butter, which is a sweet spread with a peanut butter like consistency, made from smashed up biscoff cookies and combined with butter and sugar. It was amazing! I don’t want to hype it up too much. You have to try it for yourself.


When you order your churro in the front, the workers take the fresh made churro that the chef just fried, which is still warm and crispy. They drench it in the glaze of your choice. Once glazed, it is then dipped into the topping you picked seconds before. If you ordered ice cream to accompany it, they get a cup and swirl the fresh creamy ice cream in to the cup. Your churro is then positioned into the cold ice cream. They add a topping to the ice cream. The workers hand it to you with a smile.


(featured above: My brother’s sprinkle berry churro).

I would totally recommend this churro establishment to anyone, friends or strangers, looking for some delicious and fresh churro-ness!